About Najah Hines

Hello there and welcome to my site! I have loved Interior Design since I was 12 years old. I realized it was my passion when I would beg my mom to redecorate my room as my Christmas gift, instead of receiving toys and gifts. I mean, who needs a Barbie when you could have sheer curtains and silk sheets right!? haha! Design has played a huge part in my life ever since. I went to college at Florida State University (Go Noles!) where I earned my Bachelors’ degree in Design and Business. I moved to the Orlando area and started my freelance business in 2012.

Design Philosophy:

My design philosophy is to “Design with you in mind”. A clients’ vision & expectations are important to me. I want you to feel like your décor works perfectly with you personality.

My signature style can be described as clean, tranquil, and fresh. I believe a home that brings happiness and relaxation is a high priority. We all want to come home and unwind in a space that we love.