De-Stressing The Home

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In honor of Health Awareness Month, I thought it would be great to share some of my favorite tips on how I De-Stress my home. I don’t know about you but it is HIGHLY important for me to feel relaxed and calm when I am home. Our everyday responsibilities can add a lot stress and anxiety. I am a true believer that when you are home, it should be your place of solitude. I have found the below tips very helpful in reducing my stress and anxiety.


1.       Declutter the home

A cluttered home can be the number one stressor. Some people may not notice how much a cluttered home can affect your happiness. Its important for our self-care to go through our home and declutter. Get rid of the things that you have not used within the past year. Chances are YOU WONT MISS IT!  In the meantime, it may seem like a stressful chore to do, but I guarantee you will feel so much better once its done.

2.       Add Live Plants

Adding a plant in your home could look like another responsibility but it could also be a great way of reducing stress and anxiety. Simply adding greenery to your home is scientifically proven to promote better air quality and help you feel less stressed. Below you will find the top 3 plant that only have low responsibility but will help you feel so much better.

  • Aloe– purifies the air and helps you sleep better
  • Snake Plant– Improves energy levels, eases headaches and panic attacks
  • Red Edged Dracaena– promotes relaxation

I like to use plants as home décor!

3.       Preplan/Organize

Many side effects of an unorganized home are heightened feeling of stress, horrible sleep habits (due to added worries in the middle of the night), as well as memory issues.  Have you ever been late for work, a meeting, or an event because you couldn’t find something you were looking for in your home? You could have SWORN it was where you last placed it….and now it isn’t there. Let me tell you, times like that is enough for me to say, “forget it, I’m not going!” Organizing your home can lessen your daily home stress. Organizing allows you to take control of your home with giving yourself back the gift of time. No more searching for lost items. Your items will officially have a proper location to be stored. Getting your home organized improves your mental health by allowing your thoughts to being so much clearer.

4.       Lighting- Sunlight

There are so many natural healing benefits of the sun. During the day, having windows open to the exposure of the sun can actually help heal your body. Instead of keeping your blinds closed during the day, open them up and allow some sun in. Have you ever noticed how relaxed and happy you feel on a nice warm summer day?  The rays of the sun will not only supply your needed amount of Vitamin D, but it will also help boost your mood. This is ESPECIALLY important during Daylight Savings Time, we lose an hour of sun, which can sometimes lead to depression. So, open up those windows and let the sun in!

5.       Aromatherapy

Who doesn’t love a home that smells amazing?? That was a rhetorical question. 🙂 Aromatherapy is amazing at reducing stress. Spas and massage therapists utilize aromatherapy to relax their clients. You can create that same feeling at home. Every room in my home has a wax burner, a difuser, or an aromatherapy candle. Not only are the scents amazing, but they also the ultimate way of relaxing for me. Below are my favorite scents.

  • Lavender and Jasmine– Calms nerves and helps you fall asleep faster
  • Lemon Grass– Helps Clear and energize your mind to promote emotional balance
  • Frankincense– Calms anxiety and stables emotions
  • Peppermint- Natural energizer and alleviates headaches

I am OBSESSED with candles!!

Give these tips a try! They have been very helpful for me and I hope they can help you de-stress your home as well.


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