My 3 New Year Resolutions: Home Edition

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Happy Holidays and welcome to the first blog post for Najah Hines Design! Ok ok, now that that’s said and done, let’s jump right into it. 🙂

So I’m pretty sure a lot of you are just like me, and you’ve already made about 3 or 4 New Year Resolutions for this 2019 year. Whether it’s to get fit, eat healthier, or save money, we all try our best to hold ourselves accountable to these goals. Now that ive become a new home owner, I decided to incorporate some new resolutions (besides trying to magically figure out how to lose 20 pounds in 2 days haha).

Here are my top 3 New Year Resolutions for my home!

  1. SAFELY ORGANIZE ALL THOSE HOLIDAY DECORATIONSI don’t know about you, but once the holidays are over and my bank account is at an all time low from buying all those gifts, i’m so ready to pack away all that Christmas Décor as fast as possible. I tend to just pack it all away in an unorganized manner. By the time Christmas come back around, most of my ornaments are broken and other décor is smooshed and damaged.This year I bought these really handy holiday storage bins from HomeGoods. I used them to safely store my tree ornaments and Christmas decor that I had set up around the house.Below are some replicas I found on Amazon.


Throughout the year I tend to accumulate a lot of things. And if you know me, about 98% of those things are Rose Gold. This year I will declutter by getting rid of or donating anything that doesn’t have a purpose in my home. To avoid the possibility of feeling overwhelmed, i’ve scheduled for myself to pick one room each week to completely purge!

Kitchen– I must get rid of any dishes that I do not use. I literally have 8 sports bottles in my kitchen cabinet for no good reason at all. As a single woman, i’m sure 3 bottles max is all I need…and that’s still pushing it.

Bedrooms– Going through all of my clothes that are either too small or outdated is a high priority. Also, I definitely need to go through my jewelry collection. I literally have about 5 earrings that are missing its match. I guess ive been wishfully thinking that one day the other earring will magically reappear or something.

Bathrooms: I’m almost certain that if you looked under my bathroom sink, you’d instantly see that I NEVER miss a Bath and Body Works Sale. Bins upon Bins of Body wash/lotions. I plan to sort through them and give any scents that I don’t love to friends and family. The same goes for shampoos, moisturizers, and styling tools.


“A Clean Home is a Happy Home.”Once I’ve gotten my home decluttered and organized to my liking, id like to keep it that way year round. In order for me to do this, I put together a weekly cleaning schedule. By making a schedule, I wont be forced to get ALL of my cleaning done on Sundays. I plan to divide my cleaning into 3 days. As a 1 person (and a dog) household, there honestly isn’t a need for me to clean everyday. My plan is to keep open Monday, Friday, and Saturday to spend time on my business, hang with friends and family, or binge watch Netflix series. 😉

SUNDAY: Laundry Day, Unload Dishwasher, Take out Trash

WEDNESDAY: Clean Bathroom (Sink, Tub and Toilet)

THURSDAY: Sweep, Vacuum, Mop all floors, Take out Trash

DAILY: (Quick 10 mins Clean Up) Load Dishwasher, Make bed, Wipe Kitchen Counters

This schedule may change along the way, but currently this is what I plan to stick to.

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